>2011 - iWhoosh F24+

iWhoosh is the first 100% new vehicle since 2008 from Horsfall Racing and signifies the begining of a partnership with the corporate team from Passivent. It builds on the already impressive aerodynamics of the previous vehicles.

It's debut at the 2011 Corporate Challenge proved promising with it exceeding our previous four hour record by 7miles whilst using 20% less energy than was regulated in 2009 when the record was set.


>2010 - Super Swoosh 3000 F24+

Super Swoosh 3000 was a further development of the vehicle from the previous season. It saw the loss of 0.02m2 from the frontal area and the introduction of a new aerofoil profile roll hoop to improve both safety and performance.

It set a new Horsfall Racing record at the final round in 2010 covering just over 50miles in 1.5hours.


>2009 - Super Swoosh F24+

Super Swoosh was built over the summer in 2009, shaving off just over 30% of the drag of the already fast NuVinci Conqueror. Super Swoosh showed lots of potential, finishing the season lapping Goodwood at 4mins 12 secs, an average of 34.2mph.

>2009 - NuVinci Conqueror Corporate Challenge

Conqueror was the first car to feature an electronically controlled gearbox. As this was also a NuVinci system this meant that for the first time our motor could be kept at the optimum rpm for the whole lap, every lap.

>2008 - Whoosh F24+

It represents just how much we learned in our first season on our own.

Built entirely from off cuts and scrap material from either A Smith Gt Bentley, Tendring Technology College or from our last project Swoosh. It finished 5th in the Championship on our debut F24+ season.

>2007 - Swoosh F35

This was the first car to leave the Horsfall Racing workshop. With all round suspension and CVP gearbox. It was quite an innovative debut vehicle.

Unfortunately it was involved in an incident whilst running second in the 2007 final which has left it beyond repair.