We are always looking to form fresh partnerships, if you feel that your company are in a position to assist us in achieving our goals then please contact sponsor@horsfallracing.co.uk
Arcol Resistors

Arcol Resistors are the top resistor manufacturer in the world. Arcol designs, develops and
precision engineers the finest power resistor solutions available anywhere. Careful selection of the winding wires for both stability and pulse capability is combined with advanced winding skills onto
high purity alumina cores.

ARCOL Resistors
A. Smith Gt. Bentley

A. Smith Gt. Bentley are one of the largest coachbuilders in Europe. They specialise in bespoke outside broadcasting units and mobile hospitality suites for companies such as BBC, Ferrari and Ducati.

BPD Manufacturing Solutions

BPD Manufacturing Solutions can offer a partnership approach to businesses looking to enhance their product offering and have the design, technical and manufacturing capabilities to develop bespoke solutions.

They specialise in Vacuum Forming, Aluminium Welding, Laminating and Spraying.

Their design and development facilities are fully BS EN ISO 9001 accredited.

BPD Manufacturing Solutions
Easy Composites

The Easy Composites team are passionate about advanced composites and what they can help people to achieve.

They believe in sharing knowledge, not protecting it and work tirelessly to evaluate, understand and perfect new processes and techniques that we can then share through our store, guides, video tutorials and forum.

Easy Composites have been extremely helpful in developing lightweight body panels for iWhoosh.

Edison, Pooch & Rishton

Edison, Pooch & Rishton are a small independant publisher that specialises primarily in the production of books centred around the history of vehicles between 1904-1962.

They have been a supporter of Horsfall Racing for some time now, providing us with unparalleled, in depth knowledge of successful and innovative racing vehicles of the past.

Edison Pooch Rishton
Fallbrook Technologies

Fallbrook Technologies are the company that created the NuVinci CVP hub, their assistance has been one of the single biggest factors in our success over the years with their NuVinci Hub on board we notched up 7 podium positions.

We would like to thank Jeremy Carter and Chris Vasiliotis for their input.


Garmin is the World’s leading mobile navigation device company and a global manufacturer of in-car sat navs, portable navigation devices, handheld GPS units, and GPS products for the marine and outdoor sectors.

Their input has allowed us to evaluate important lap time data.


Manufacturers of some of the finest recumbent bikes and small diameter bike tyres in the world.

Holden Aluminium Technologies

Holden Aluminium Technologies Ltd are proven specialists in the supply of Aluminium formed and machined components to demanding quality standards.

They offer a total customer support package, with 50 years experience in specialist forming & machining, taking customers ideas from concept to production.

Holistic Training Centre

The Holistic Training Centre aim to offer a range of one-to-one Complementary Therapies to enhance well-being & relaxation, along with professionally run, relaxed courses/workshops in small groups, with full, friendly tutor support.


Passivent is a market leader in intelligent ventilation and daylight solutions. A pioneer in natural ventilation, the Passivent name is recognised for providing innovative yet practical solutions for the ventilation of both domestic and commercial buildings. Passivent is part of Building Product Design Holdings.

Pro Bike

Pro Bike were the first sponsor we signed back in 2006, and have stuck by us ever since, providing us with more than just discounted parts, they offered us lots of valuable battery maintenance advice.


Symscape's Caedium provides an affordable, unified simulation environment for 3D fluid flow analysis and visualization. Caedium uses state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate the fluid flow and heat transfer over almost any configuration. Caedium combines intuitive drag and drop model configuration with affordable pricing and free trials, bringing CFD within the reach of everyone.


Willans is the world’s number one manufacturer of safety harnesses for motorsport, providing essential equipment for all forms from club racing and rallying to Formula One and NASCAR. 


Yakamatushi are a small Japanese motion control systems design/manufacturing outfit. They primarily design speed control units for forklift trucks but stumbled across our website looking for a CVT gearbox.

The partnership began in August 2011 and since then we have shown an enormous jump in pace. Initially they provided us modifications to optimise our existing off the shelf ESC but quickly went over to a specially adapted, programmable Yakamatushi 3000 XTR in late September 2011.

Easy Composites