>Summer Rebuild

Unfortunately the car suffered heavy damage from an incident at the Ford Dunton Technical Facility. Luckily nobody was hurt but it has meant that at least the rear half of the vehicle will have to be reconstructed. This will inevitably mean that the new body will not be completed in time for the second half of the season.

We have therefore taken the decision to postpone the new body until 2010 and spend the winter refining the shape.


>2009 Corporate Challenge

We made it to the Corporate Challenge and put in a fantastic showing. Despite a few small system errors the car ran faultlessly and covered 96miles in 4hours a high of 8th place in the race but a final finishing position of 13th, still shows a huge amount of potential.

Early tests of the new body halve the drag so expect a lot more from us over the next season.


>2009 Pre-season

Over the winter despite our long silence, we have been surprisingly busy working on our car. The decision was taken early on that the majority of the chassis should remain the same for 2009 so the wheel base has been shortened to allow the chassis to accept a more aerodynamic body.

Due to a finite amount of time we decided to put off the new fibreglass body until later on in the season and will run an interim body until September, when we hope to unvail the new body.