>Fantastic Final Round

Sunday 17th October 2010 saw the final round of the F24+ Championship at Goodwood Motor Circuit. Having had such a strong race at that circuit just four months earlier, the prospect of another strong race at a circuit that suits Super Swoosh, was an exciting one.

We decided on the Saturday that, unlike most events we attend, it was important to head out in practice and run a few systems checks. This proved advantageous as the car suffered a complete loss of power in the pit lane.

Super Swoosh then returned to the pits, where, with the help of one or two other teams regained power and headed out for a couple of quick practice laps.

Once we had established the right set up Laura and new team member James Arkell took the car round to the grid where they managed to squeeze in to the front row, leaving them in the best position possible for the start of the race at 10.30.

When the flag was dropped Laura made a clean getaway in fourth place. The first 45 minutes was a pretty stable session with Super Swoosh lying just 35secs behind third place car Tything Tornadoes from RGS Worcester, but almost as soon as the first 45minutes had elapsed she started to take a couple of seconds a lap out of the healthy gap they had created, this gap started to close quite quickly down to 25secs then then 10 until Laura gained third place in spectacular fashion.

Laura kept up her consistent pace right through to the checkered flag, which saw the end to a fantastic season that really stands out as being our best. After starting off earlier in the year with a very disapointing Corporate Challenge, we have subsequently beat our mileage record twice and finished every remaining race on the podium and finished highest car in the championship to have only competed the mandatory three events.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our sponsors so we'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for their loyal support. Please make sure you visit their websites, all of which are linked at the bottom of the page.

>Eastern Regional Heat

With just one month until the final round of the 2010 Formula 24 Plus season, it was vital that we made an impression on the podium if we are to stand any chance of meeting our goal of finishing within the top 5 constructors at the end of the season. So, when 11am came round the team were understandably, quite anxious as to how the race will unfold.

After securing a place on the front row of the grid Laura and new team member James Arkell lined up on the grid. James gave a fantastic push which saw Laura enter the corner three abreast with Myton and RGS Worcester, however after the first corner it was clear something was wrong, despite having finished around 5miles ahead of the now lead car at the previous race, we were quickly losing ground.

After a couple of laps Laura brought the car in to the pits, reset the gearbox control system and headed back out with gusto!

Lap after lap she clawed back the positions from 6th to 3rd, and pushing hard on second place car Myton. As Laura was now slowly unlapping herself, it was impossible to tell whether or not we would indeed be able to make it up into second, but as we entered the final few minutes it was clear it wasn't mean't to be.

Despite a dissappointing start to the race we are extremely proud of the result and pleased to see two newcomers Myton and RGS Worcester take the other two places on the podium. We now enter the final with the second highest amount of points we've achieved, and hope to be able to capitalise on this postion.


>Fantastic Start to F24+ 2010

Almost 2 months on from a frustrating debut for the 2010 vehicle we were back at the very same circuit with the aim of taking home a useful portion of the points that were to be handed out later that day.

At around 11am the flag dropped on Round 1 of the 2010 Siemens Greenpower F24+ Championship, and what a start Laura made! Capitalising on her P1 on the grid she instantly pulled in to the lead, but newbies Tything Tornadoes from RGS Worcester weren't having any of it and soon pulled ahead and stayed put for the first few laps followed by Y-Pod?! and then Laura in Super Swoosh.

The lead for RGS, however, was a short lived affair as they came in for a driver change handing P1 to Alex Hunter, piloting Y-Pod?! who was incredibly evenly matched with Laura in Super Swoosh. Every lap as they appeared on the Lavant straight from behind the Aircraft hangars, there appeared to be a different leader as the two well seasoned drivers jostled for position.

This show of force from both sides continued for the remainder of the race until the flag was dropped at the 90 minute mark, which saw Alex Hunter in Y-Pod?! take P1 and Laura come in close behind after a hard fought battle in P2. A fantastic 8pt start to the season and new team record as we smashed the greatest distance achieved by a Horsfall Racing vehicle in 90minutes by almost 5miles.

>Great Show of Potential

After plenty of long hours stretching late into the night the 2010 Corporate Challenge was upon us, with the car in it's impressive one off livery, we felt that this race could be quite a break through, so once the flag dropped. It was time to prove a point. Laura put in a long, but very promisig two hour first stint taking us up from about the 15th on the grid up to 6th.

Next in the car was Josh Evans, who'd been drafted in to help bolster an already strong driver line up. After a rapid driver and battery change he was out on circuit displaying his now well developed race craft and knocking on the door of the top 5.

Unfortunately 20minutes in to his stint, Josh was involved in a fairly substantial incident, which left the team with no choice but to withdraw. After a quick health check with St John Ambulance Josh was confirmed as being fine.

All in all, despite this unfortunate incident, we feel that this is a fantastic show of potential having been on target to complete a total distance in the region of 112miles, which would likely have put us 6th.

There is now much work to be completed before our first F24+ round at Goodwood Motor Circuit in June.

>NuVinci Mandrill Sneak Preview

Although the 2010 NuVinci entry won't be too radical a departure from the last Horsfall Racing car it still represents a big jump forward. So with out any further ado here is a sneak preview of the 2010 Corporate Challenge competitor.



>Corporate Challenge Preparations

There is little over a week remaining until the Greenpower season really gets underway for 2010 with the Corporate Challenge at Goodwood.

Although you can expect to see a vehicle that is very similar to the 2009 spec vehicle. Take a look past the all new colour scheme and you will find a lot of subtle changes that will hopefully help take the vehicle to the next level.

Development of the full 2010 spec car is still moving forward and we are well on target for the first F24+ event at Goodwood in June.


>Successful seat fitting for Laura ahead of 2010 Season

With work now well under way on new vehicle from Horsfall Racing for the 2010 season, full time driver, Laura Horsfall successfully completed a seat fitting ahead of the new season which begins in just under two months.

Now that the driver position has been finalised, work on the vehicles body can begin and final steering wheel and instrumentation positions can be completed.


>Symscape Joins Horsfall Racing

Horsfall Racing is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Symscape, a company that prides themselves on being able to provide an affordable, unified simulation environment for 3D fluid flow analysis and visualization.

Their main product Caedium, will aid Horsfall Racing lower their latest vehicles Coeffecient of Drag to improve the overall efficiency of the vehicle and push the team further toward the front of the grid.

For more information on Symscape click here



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F24+ Championship
1 Zebedee 30
Y-Pod?! 24
Brian 24
Tything Tornadoes 23
5 Super Swoosh 20
Myton Racing 19
7 Team Driven 10
Black Diamond 9
Twin Cambs 7
TBGS Racing 5
Zytec Aero 5
12 Maverick 2 5
13 Gecko Pit Lizard 5
14 WCR+ 4
15 Megazord 4
16 BRM Brrrmmm 3
17 Duct Tape Mwa 2
Rocket 2
19 iWac Aero 2
20 Purple Blazer 2
Pensby Team 1 1
Slipstream Mac 1
23 Petroc