NuVinci CVP
  • Impressive 350% range
  • Infinite amount of ratios between 0.5 underdrive and 1.75 overdrive
  • Elegantly simple design means less that can go wrong and greater reliabilty over the opostion
  • Higher torque density
  • Easy shifting with innovative gear shifter
  • Overall improved system efficiency
  • Compatible with Disc, Roller and Rim Brakes.

NuVinci CVP

The NuVinci CVP is an incredible new internally geared hub that allows the user to always be in the perfect ratio... regardless of the situation.



The NuVinci CVP bike hub is designed to try to fo away with all of the issues that can occur with the more traditional forms of transmission. Although heavier than most forms of transmission, it's worth taking into account there is no need for multiple chainrings, derrailleur mechs, cassette etc.

-Light Electric Vehicle

Over the past year the NuVinci CVP has proven to provide plenty of benefits within the UK based Greenpower F24/F24+ racing series and with an roughly an additional 20 cars running one this year, it's clear that this is rapidly becoming the hub of choice and taking a rather large bite out of the market which has been largely dominated by Shimano for many years.

The biggest advantage is that you can find the perfect ratio, for any scenario, allowing you to virtually "set" the gear to keep the motor in its "sweet spot."

Which means you will be going the fastest that you can possibly go in any given situation that may occur in either day to day road use of an electric vehicle or on the race track for vehicles such as the Greenpower Electric Racing Series produces.